Friday, April 03, 2009

A TV note 

A thank you to the nation at large -- particularly those 18-49 -- for finally realizing what a great show How I Met Your Mother is.

Most popular TV shows have seen their ratings fall 5 to 10 percent since last year's writers' strike. Only 20 English-speaking shows have showed gains in viewership, and HIMYM is second behind 30 Rock in that department.

My theory is that the show's partial entry into syndication (two episodes per week on Lifetime) has gotten some new viewers hooked. My sister is one of them (and I just bought her the first three seasons on DVD as a birthday gift. I will be forcing her to let me borrow them to watch all the special features).

Better late than never, America.

Of course, CBS still insists on being bizarrely dillhole-ish about announcing the renewal of the show each spring. But they will, or there will be mass revolt.

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