Sunday, April 19, 2009

It should not be this hard to make hot women into watchable television 

So, I'm battling through a bout of some sort of stomach ailment, complete with fever and chills and all that good stuff. So I've been resting and watching a lot of pointless television.

Tonight I happened upon the Miss USA Pageant. This is a truly terrible program. I know pageants have been in trouble in recent years. I figured it was because they're outdated, or un-PC or whatever. But I think it's actually because they're really, really bad television.

Almost nothing happens during the entire two-hour broadcast, which I mercifully zipped through in about 25 minutes, having wisely hit "record" on the TiVo. They showed countless bad montages about the ladies' experiences in Las Vegas, interviewed the judges, and rambled on about how you can Twitter along with the current Miss USA, who was seen hammering away at her cell phone keys in the front row of the audience.

And the hosts are awful -- the insufferable Billy Bush and some terrible woman I think they pulled off the street who seems like she's having her first experience with a TelePrompter. She admitted to not being able to pronounce one of the contestants' names, and asked the contestant to say it for her. How hard is it to practice saying a few names before going on live TV?

I guess pageants were always bad (man, the answers to the political questions at the end were just painful). Were people just more willing to watch them when there were fewer viewing options? Or have the productions actually gotten worse because the creators have stopped putting any effort into them?

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