Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Your Wednesday Challenge 

One of the great benefits of the Internets is "information-on-demand." Which, in my case, is usually the ability to solve nagging, utterly pointless mysteries that pique my curiosity. Hence, today's challenge...

A couple of weeks ago, Messiah alerted me to this nifty site, which provides maps of which upcoming NFL games will be broadcast in which cities.

Check out this week's map for the CBS 4 PM games, and note the tiny swath of green in Eastern Missouri. What gives there? They're getting the Pats-Raiders game when the only other people in the country getting it are those team's home markets (which are nowhere near Eastern Missouri).

D-Nation in-depth analysis shows that said green patch is the Columbia/Jefferson City market (the 137th largest in the nation, for those scoring at home).

So your challenge today is to figure out why this is.

The prize is, as always, nothing.

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