Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Open Letter 

Dear Collegiate Douchebags Who Ride My Bus in the Evening,

When buses are headed outbound, the driver will not open the back door to let you off. No matter how much easier it would make your life.

This is because outbound, you pay when you get off the bus. If the driver opens the door, you see, people could leave without paying.

So, douchebags, no matter how many times you yell "Back door, please! Back door!" the driver will not open the fucking door. I understand that the bus is crowded, and you don't want to fight your way to the front. But you have to. And the longer you wait for The Door That Will Never Open, the later I get home.

Apparently, you cannot figure out why this fate befalls you day after day. Is this due to a problem with our education system? Or perhaps it is because you get a bus pass with your stupid tuition, and therefore can't be bothered to learn the oh-so complicated nuances of fare collection.

Either way, stop it, or your back door will have my foot in it.



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