Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now that's a karaoke first 

In the early 90's, when karaoke was in its American infancy, songs came on Pioneer laser discs. You know, those oversized discs that were the hot medium for movies for about 12 seconds before DVD's came along.

Anyway, in that golden age, the karaoke experience involved more than just words on the screen -- there were really bad videos. Today, if you go to a karaoke hosted by someone who's been around for a long time, you may still see some of these videos.

We always used to joke that the videos were one step below soft-core porn in the acting hierarchy. So I was stunned this past weekend when, after seeing who-knows-how-many of these videos over the years, I saw an actor that I recognized!

It was this guy, who we remembered from The Wonder Years.

(And for those scoring at home, the video was David Bowie's "China Girl").

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