Monday, December 15, 2008

NFL playoff seedings: A pointless but enjoyable analysis 

I was going to write a post titled, "I kind of hope the Steelers lose next week."

After all, it makes sense to have an aversion to the #1 seed, given that the Steelers have made an absolute mess of it each and every time they've earned it.

Instead, I decided to compare the fates of all the #1 and #2 seeds in the current playoff alignment (since 1990) to see if the Steelers would be any better off, history-wise, as the #2.

The factoids:


#1 Seeds:

Win SB: 8
Lose SB: 10
Lose CONF: 10
Lose DIV: 6

#2 Seeds:

Win SB: 5
Lose SB: 5
Lose CONF: 17
Lose DIV: 9

So what have we learned here? Only that I can waste a lot of time on Wikipedia. But also that, by the numbers, more #1 seeds succeed than #2 seeds.

But in this specific case, regarding next week, I am still unsure. We already have home field advantage against everyone but Tennessee. If we have to face the Titans again, wouldn't we rather be the angry, revenge-seeking mob than face it?


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