Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Occasional LiveBlog, if things strike me 

10:55 PM: Ok, probably no more blogging tonight... but race should be called at 11:00 EST. Huzzah!!

10:03 PM:
Charlie Gibson: "Iowa... (long pause, tries something with computer)... It is a state."

9:38 PM:
Ohio blue! More or less game, set, match, barring a complete bizarre meltdown.

9:12 PM: Actual conversation on FOX News:
Brit Hume: (notices he's sitting far away from Chris Wallace at news desk) "Why are we talking across this huge desk?"

Wallace: "Why don't you come over here, big boy?"
8:55 PM: I'm always struck by the different tactics of the networks -- their level of caution, etc, in calling or not calling states.

7:44 PM: Wolf Blitzer keeps stressing over and over that these are "real numbers." I think the reporters can't believe it's finally going to be over. They've got the Space Madness.

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