Monday, October 13, 2008

Paging Father Jason Christ Quagmire 

I think I need the Presidential race to be over. The tension in this country is doing me no good. I'm feeling stressed out about it, and I think it's actually causing me to lose sleep. I've had various vague-but-unpleasant political dreams in the past week or so that are disrupting my mojo.

I blame said general disruption of mojo for the dream I had on Saturday, in which Jason was named Archbishop of a major U.S. Catholic diocese.

Clearly, this was bizarre on many levels.

He was being sworn in, or ordained, or whatever, so I walked into his "chambers" for the ceremony. But his office consisted, Glenn Quagmire-style, of only a large bed. In it, he was frolicking with a scantily-clad assistant who closely resembled Rachel Miner as the naughty S&M-lovin' assistant on Californication.

Now, this probably has something to do with Jason's recent wedding and upcoming wedding celebration party.

But I still blame John McCain.

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