Thursday, October 09, 2008

Man, that was some bad TV 

I was on Wikipedia looking up something else entirely, and somehow ended up making a list of all the terrible shows NBC tried to launch after Friends, at 8:30 on Thursday nights.

The story was well-documented at the time, but reminiscing about it now, this really has to be one of the worst non-weekend timeslots over a 7-year span in TV history. Like Cubs third basemen before Aramis Ramirez.

So here's a list:

9/94: No crappy shows yet. Friends sandwiched between Mad About You and Seinfeld).

9/95: The Single Guy
3/96: Boston Common
4/97: Fired Up
9/97: Union Square
9/98: Jesse
3/00: Daddio
9/00: Cursed (aka The Weber Show)
9/01: Inside Schwartz
2/02: Leap of Faith

4/02: NBC drops back 10 and punts for good. The next two years the 8:30 slot is filled by either Friends re-runs, Scrubs, or Will & Grace.

Man. There was only one watchable show in there that I can recall, and that was Jesse. And even I, the Friends superfan, had no recollection whatsoever of Leap of Faith or Fired Up.

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