Monday, August 25, 2008

"Tunch Ilkin" joining American Idol! 

OK, not really. But is it possible that FOX is pulling the old Tunch Maneuver on Paula Abdul?

Let me 'splain.

When legendary Steeler broadcaster Myron Cope was getting up in years, the team added a third voice (Ilkin) to what was always a two-man broadcast booth. When Myron was ready to retire, there was no need to deal with the unenviable task of "replacing" him. They just went back to a two-man booth.

Now FOX's ratings juggernaut has added a fourth judge, songwriter Kara DioGuardi, for Season 8.

FOX says they're just going back to the original four-judge format of Britain's Pop Idol. And it's clearly a move to freshen the show, as must be done from time to time. But it's hard to tell if there's something Ilkin-esque afoot (with Paula Abdul playing the role of Myron), because quite frankly I don't think anyone knows if FOX thinks Paula's bizarre persona/behavior is hurting or helping the show!

Maybe they're hedging their bets: Adding a judge is a new and interesting element either way. If the four of them make a great team, then Paula stays. If the new lady is a hit, and Paula's Q rating isn't what it should be, then she exits stage left -- minus the drama that would have followed a firing and direct replacement.

Much, much more about this in the future, no doubt.

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