Wednesday, July 23, 2008

80's TV: Standing the Test of Time (Part Deux) 

Here's a partial list of 80's shows I think hold up, and ones that don't:


1. The Wonder Years
2. Cheers
3. Golden Girls
4. Family Ties (this may be personal bias, but I think it belongs here)
5. Murphy Brown
6. Cosby Show
7. Night Court (borderline, but has its moments)


1. Facts of Life
2. One Day at a Time
3. Diff'rent Strokes
4. Growing Pains
5. ALF
6. Who's The Boss
7. Full House
8. Almost everything else

I recognize that one could argue that the first list simply contains the shows that were better then as well as now. And that is partly true. But still, the latter shows were all quite popular. And the differences between them today seem even starker than the differences in their quality/popularity at the time.

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