Thursday, June 19, 2008

"It's just... a little Crush..." 

It's the TV offseason for me, and pretty much the only program I'm watching is the summer installment of American Gladiators. I like the show a little more each week, and I hope it continues beyond this second season.

And speaking of the Gladiators, I have quickly found a favorite: Crush, upon whom I have a crush.

I am clearly not alone here. Google the phrase "Crush on Crush" and you'll see. There's even a website by that name. In fact, based on a sample of one, I can tell you that her appeal crosses gender lines: The Wife, too, has a Crush crush!

Her real name, BTW, is Gina Carano, and she's a martial arts fighter/boxer in some league that apparently has fights on one of the networks occasionally. She's also not gone unnoticed by the men's magazines -- you just can't get anything past Maxim!

The Wife, however, also has a bit of a thing for Wolf. I can't get on board with that as an official man crush. But I do love him on the show. I'd go so far as to call him my co-favorite Gladiator.

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