Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in Business -- and Messiah, here's Eli! 

Well, our wedding at Emily's parents' house in Michigan came off without a hitch. Above is a picture of myself, my lovely bride, and an extremely riled-up Eli, who eventually may have settled down enough for the photographer to get a shot of him (This one was taken by a family member).

Anyway, it was a great setting, exactly the sort of ceremony we wanted, and a great chance for our families to really get to know each other. The rain held off -- barely. The next day there was a storm that caused a 30-hour power outage. Apparently this happens a couple of times a year out there. And apparently just about everyone has a generator, which is an extremely handy thing if you live somewhere where your power outages are typically measured in hours and days instead of minutes.

More to follow tomorrow...

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