Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A LaPlaca by any other name... 

...is a Ted Marshall.

Apparently Alison LaPlaca's lawyer contacted the guy who ran the up-until-recently-named Alison LaPlaca Open Television Death Pool, and threatened the crap out of him. So it's been renamed the Ted Marshall Open Television Death Pool.

My link to it has been updated on the left. So if you're entered and haven't been able to find it, you can go there from here. And the site itself has been updated today, as the networks have begun making their decisions on the fates of this year's shows.

By the by, I'm doing OK so far. I'm technically 5-for-5, but I know at least two of my picks are going to survive -- including, unfortunately, my top pick for cancellation, Scrubs. Damn you, ABC! Perhaps I'll be grateful down the road, if I ever start watching the Season 1 DVD that's sitting on my shelf.

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