Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Haaaaaaaave you met Ted?" 

Not much exciting emerged from last week's "Upfronts" -- when the TV networks announce their schedules and start pitching their new shows to advertisers.

All my favorite shows were safe with one exception: The survival of How I Met Your Mother was mildly in doubt. So that was the only announcement I really cared about, and I got the result I'd hoped for. It's a terrific show that seems to be perpetually on the bubble despite reasonable ratings and a reasonably-sized, devoted fan base. No idea why it hasn't broken out. But kudos to CBS for understanding its appeal and sticking with it.

The only thing I'll say about the show's future is that regardless of when the decision is ultimately made to wrap it up, the network had better give the producers ample warning, so they can wind up the storyline in a complete and satisfying way.

Because if they don't, I may have to join one of those crazy "Save Our Show" groups that does things like sending several tons of legumes to the studio's front door.

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