Wednesday, May 28, 2008

General note and Crazy Triple Play 

First off, I realize that I'm once again going through a dry spell. Stick with me, kindly readers, though I can't guarantee things will pick up before, say, the second week in June. With the upcoming nuptials (6/7) and various other things going on, there have been a few more things on the table than usual.

Now, a nutty tidbit I saw on Baseball Tonight last night. Buck Showalter told the tale of a triple play he witnessed while he was a 28-year-old third base coach in the low minors, in which the ball never touched a glove. They kept teasing it as coming up later in the show, and I could not imagine how it could have happened. Here's how it went:

3-2 count, nobody out. Runners on first and second. Buck sends the runners on a double-steal. Fly ball straight up the chute, so the infield fly rule is called. Batter's out (that's 1). Buck puts up his hands to tell the runners to get the heck back to their bases. The first runner sees him. Second one, not so much. So the first guy turns around and the second guy passes him on the basepaths. (that's 2). Then...wait for it... the ball -- which was still up in the air while the rest of this was happening -- lands on the other baserunner's head! That's 3, and probably the weirdest triple play anyone could ever imagine.

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