Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Def F***ing Leppard 

Their new single, Nine Lives, comes highly recommended from DanNation.

And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that it "features" Tim McGraw. It's a vintage-sounding Leppard song. So much so that it probably would have fit in on one of their albums 20 years ago. Surefire satisfaction for us 80's kids.

Embedding is disabled on the YouTube video, but it's here.

In related Leppard news: They were on Dancing with the Stars the other night, where they lip synched most, if not all of Nine Lives -- and all of Pour Some Sugar on Me. To the album version.

I found this curious, so I went to the Internets and found lots of chatter about it. No one can agree on which of the following primary explanations might be valid:

1) DWTS makes all musicians lip synch
2) Joe Elliott isn't recovered from an upper respiratory ailment that caused some live shows to be cancelled
3) Joe Elliott can no longer sing and they didn't want to embarass themselves.

I'd go with #2. Of course there may be some small element of #3. Like many aging rockers, Elliott can't hit the high notes -- and that's no problem for a performance in front of dedicated fans. But, understandably, it might not be what you want in front of a potentially fresh audience as you promote your new album.

But regardless, it was really lame to use the fucking two-decades-old album version of "Sugar." I mean, how many times have we all heard that track? I could spot it faster than you can say "Love is like a bomb." I'm sure they had a modestly flawed vocal track from later years they could've slid in there, and no one would've been the wiser.

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