Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jewel: "She's very clever." 

Pop artists making country albums seems to be a growing trend. And while I wouldn't have thought of it myself, there probably aren't many matches more natural than Jewel + Nashville.

The former Lilith Fairer is out with a single already -- with the album to follow in June.

Said single ("Stronger Woman") is quite authentic-sounding. Well worth my 99 cents on The iTunes. Between her folk roots, and the fact that there is a seriously blurry line between plenty of modern country and pop/rock anyway, I expect this to be a pretty good album. Adding to the authenticity is the fact that she wrote some of the songs a long time ago. Which highlights the fact that the difference between a song that can crack country radio, and a song that would be popular with her core fans is probably two instruments and a slightly different arrangement. Ok, and slightly less obtuse lyrics.

Given how mainstream radio has shut out all but a select few types of artists over the last decade, it should be a nice little way for Jewel to revive her career.

In fact, don't be surprised if we see this amusing scenario: She has success on country radio, and the songs then "cross over" right back to the pop stations who would have continued to ignore her career had she not gone to Nashville.

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