Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Counting down to Vegas in metrosexual style... 

You may recall that way back when, I referred to a new edition of The List that would focus on the "man crush." I may have in fact promised that this list would be forthcoming, like, the next day. My bad.

Anyway, I have since seen a lot of Man Crush stuff, not the least of which is ManCrush.com, which ranks all dudes through history.

And this guy's Huffington Post entry, which I'll use as the inspiration for my list. He writes:
A man-crush is an affinity that one man has toward another man that is completely non-sexual. It is the highest form of respect. It is one straight man saying to another, I am willing to have my sexuality questioned by admitting that I like you.

Only the coolest possible people deserve this honor. As a straight man, I am willing to put myself out there and make the first ever man-crush list.
To that definition I would only add a couple of pop cultural comparisons of my own:

1) The Austin Powers thing: Women want him, men want to be him.

2) The way George Costanza felt about Elaine's boyfriend (Dan Cortes) in that episode of Seinfeld.

The list, like other dude's, will be 10 people long, because there are 10 days until my semi-bachelor party weekend in Vegas. And what better way to celebrate one's heterosexual wedding than having one's sexuality thrown into question?

Viva Las Gaygas!

Number 10 to follow this evening.

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