Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Scoop you'll only get here 

I can't tell you how I know this, exactly, but I have it on good authority that Dancing with the Stars is considering (and I stress considering -- no more is known) a Pittsburgh-based celebrity for its upcoming season, which begins in March.

This led me to speculate about some of the possibilities:

  • My first thought was Mario Lemieux. Tall, photogenic, looks snazzy in suits. But I think he's too introverted. I just can't imagine him on the show, though it would be cool.

  • Jerome Bettis or Hines Ward? A Steeler would be a huge draw. But neither is actually Pittsburgh-based in the offseason, which is a key part of the intelligence I received.

  • That led me to former Steelers. Lynn Swann is a possibility.

  • Can't be an active hockey or baseball player due to timing, and the fact that Pittsburgh has no famous baseball players.

  • Who else lives in Pittsburgh and is well-known enough to be on the show?

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