Saturday, January 13, 2007

Those nasty dispensers 

I was at a bar this week that has one of those cloth-towel dispensers instead of paper towels or a dryer. These have to be one of the most unsavory inventions ever. How is it that they still exist?

I took note of the company that made it -- and they are still being manufactured. The company touts all kinds of statistics on that page, as well as the amusing picture I've included here.

The only stat that makes any sort of sense is that it's less wasteful than paper towels. Undoubtedly true. But not less wasteful (trash-wise) than air dryers. They also say that dryers remove only 9% of bacteria from hands, while paper towels remove 55% and cloth towels 68%. This appears to be corporate hooey. And besides... what about the nasty crap left from the last guy who used the towel? There's no way you're convincing me that this isn't disgusting or unhealthy.

Apparently cloth towel dispensers also kill people. I noticed a dire warning about how using it wrong could cause death. That seemed a bit unlikely, so I used "the Google" (Bush, 2006) to investigate and found that indeed there have been several successful lawsuits.

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