Monday, January 29, 2007

My trip to Mecca, and other L.A. stories 

We got one heckuva kick in the 'nads today from The Price is Right.

I've been to the show twice before. Each time I got there around 5:15 AM and was about 80th in line. With Bob Barker set to retire, the already circus-esque atmosphere surrounding a taping have obviously gotten crazier. Having scoped this out in the blogosphere, we got there at 4:25 AM. Wasn't enough. I'll spare you the long, excruciating process (which isn't so excruciating if you actually get in). But the bottom line is, we got standby tickets and missed by one spot. To put it another way: They stopped handing out tickets at #335. We were #336 and 337. To put it a third way: We got to the front of the standby line and they said: "Sorry! That's it."

But all was not lost. And TPIR was not the Mecca of which I spoke.

Exhausted but looking to salvage the day, we took the Warner Brothers studio tour, which is the best of its kind, and changes each time you see it depending on which shows are taping. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the lone surviving set of a certain program that I might have mentioned I enjoy a little. Here's one of my pics...

I have additional pictures of myself there that I might post here or elsewhere.

Other noteworthies:

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