Friday, June 16, 2006

"They named it Erie, which of course in German means 'A Whale's Vagina'" 

My self-styled "Ghetto-Way" weekend to Erie with Emily was in fact not that ghetto. Ok, so the last-second accomodations (Motel 6) qualify. And parts of downtown Erie look mighty crappy. But Presque Isle State Park is cool. For being a mere two hours from home (and four hours closer than the nearest ocean), the beaches are a nice getaway. The weather was beautiful, and Lake Erie is massive enough to be a fine ocean facsimile.

The Park also has biking, hiking, a nature preserve, boat tours, etc. We rented said bikes for an hour or so. They were big and yellow. Think Pee-Wee's bike in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure -- but without the gadgets. Or gears -- though you didn't need them because the trails were all flat. We rented the bikes without thinking about helmets. Had it not been 24 hours after Ben's mishap, we might have just said "screw it." But I went back and got them. They were bright yellow and we looked... special.

Tuesday night we went to see the Erie Seawolves (AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) play the Reading Phillies. I think we caught them at a bad point during the season. They lost something like 17-2. And I swear the official scorekeeper stopped keeping track of their errors after the third one. We did, however, get to see a career minor leaguer hit his 100th home run in a Seawolves uniform. I may post about him separately.

All in all, a very fun time. Now, apropos of nothing, here is a picture of me with my head in a gay-looking matador frog's mouth.

I think they have a series of frogs all over Erie. Seems to be a trend these days -- one type of animal sculpted or dressed many different ways, all around a city. They had dinosaurs here a couple summers ago, and in my second hometown in Massachusetts, there were many different lobsters.

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