Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thanks, Steve Jobs 

Earlier this year I was happy when my 1999 Dell laptop booted up for its once-a-year task of handling my fantasy baseball draft. That's nothing compared to this: I booted up my college computer -- a Macintosh LCIII (circa 1993) and it's working like a charm.

I hadn't used it regularly since...oh, '98 or '99. I've probably turned it on twice since then. And it's been sitting on a dank basement shelf for the better part of these six years. That's some fine craftsmanship.

Anyway, does anyone know if -- or how -- I can rescue old e-mails and other such fun stuff off of such an ancient beast, to the safety of a modern day PC?

I'm figuring that all my fun games are toast once the computer dies. I doubt if any current computer's going to run all my Mac shareware games from back in the day!

Come to think of it, I still miss my really primitive games from my family's first computer -- an Apple II+ (circa 1982).

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