Friday, April 21, 2006

The kids are alright.... or not 

So I mentioned my fantasy baseball draft, and failed to post the outcome. How have you all been surviving?

I'm very irritated with several of my decisions during the draft. I mean, obvious mistakes stemming from lack of organization. I have not, in recent years, been coming up with a specific plan of attack. Instead I just make sure I know who all the players are, and then wing it. This year's experience was enough to make that a thing of the past. Next year, I'll have a complete plan. I'd rather not know who a few guys are than not know who I want.

That said, the strength of my pre-draft roster could carry me reasonably far -- if I get some breaks. Even though standings at this time of year are meaningless, the squad's off to a good start: I'm in second place (out of 12).

Here's the active roster, as it stands now:

Infield: David Wright, Bill Mueller, Todd Walker, Jack Wilson, Clint Barmes, Orlando Hudson, Matt LeCroy, Todd Greene, Doug Mirabelli

Outfield: Jason Bay, Jason Lane, Carlos Beltran, Austin Kearns, Hector Luna

Starting pitchers: Matt Morris, Zach Duke (pictured!) Greg Maddux, David Bush, Tomo Ohka, Sean Marshall

Relievers: Armando Benitez, Mike Gonzalez, Solomon Torres.

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