Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Idol Final 12 11 

I still don't think I have many American Idol devotees among the daily readers. Some of you need to start watching the program so you don't have to completely ignore posts like this. I think I'm going to start making prognostications before each episode.

Here are my thoughts on the Final 12, and Stevie Wonder Week.

Melissa McGhee: Even though I didn't post in advance of the show, rest assured that she was my pick to go tonight, and she went. Last one in, first one out.

Kevin Covais: Please, please, please make him go away. This novelty act has to end. Note to all 13-year-old girls: He's not going to win. Give up now and spare us. The rendition of "Part-Time Lover" caused me physical pain. It was out of tune, an octave too low, and just plain horrific.

Katharine McPhee: She's absolutely flawless. I'm a bit smitten with her, but my head is clear when I say she should be around until May. As of this very moment, she's my pick to win.

Ace Young: I'm not afraid to say he's a fine-looking chap, and the fact that he was in the bottom 3 is quite the wake-up call. Chicks aren't buying the looks alone, my man. Sing better. "Father Figure" several weeks ago was excellent.

Paris Bennett: The conventional wisdom is that basketball star and child-of-prominent-parents Ayla Brown didn't get enough votes for the Top 12 because she was "privileged" -- and therefore didn't need the competition. Well, Paris comes from a family of talented, connected musicians. At age 17, she'll have all the ins she wants in music. So in my book, she doesn't need this competition either. Plus, I feel she's a bit phony, and she's just not a great enough singer to be considered a finalist right off the bat. She's my bugaboo in this year's crop. I feel like the judges have tried to make us think she's as terrific as Fantasia -- and she just isn't. She'll stick for a long while, but as of now, she's not my winner.

Lisa Tucker: She can sing, but she's got absolutely no oomph, no spark. Apparently America agrees, as she was in the bottom 3 too. If she doesn't start picking better songs and showing some personality, she's toast.

Taylor Hicks: The dude seems to make everyone grin and tap their feet. He's pure entertainment.

Elliot Yamin: The best male singer, period. And dull as a doorknob. We'll see how far that combination takes him.

Bucky Covington: Ah, the Red State Special. He's OK, and I thought he was wise to pick one of the best Stevie Wonder songs out there in "Superstition." The song choice saved him, but he'll have to really keep that up to stick around much longer.

Chris Daughtry: So far, the absolute best at choosing songs, hands down. He'll go far, because he's got the "rocker" market cornered, and he does it well.

Kellie Pickler: Decent singer, and people are just diggin' the dumb Southern blonde thing. I have a hard time getting a read on how long she'll be around, though.

Mandisa: I think she oversings sometimes, but is otherwise pretty darn good. I couldn't say where she'll finish, because she (like Kellie) strikes me as something of a wild card and could go either way.

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