Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No more Green Book of Joy?? 

As I start my fantasy baseball preparations, I've made an unfortunate discovery...

The book that has served as my Bible for years isn't being produced this year. (We called it the Green Book of Joy because it used to be green -- go figure).

It's not so much that the book had inside info -- a competitive edge is hard to come by in our Information Age. It was simply an excellent, definitive reference source.

The most obvious alternative for me now is Baseball Prospectus, which I bought once before. It's a great book for new-age stat-heads, contains projections, and its player descriptions can be funny. But it doesn't include some of the traditional statistics that true Rotisserians simply need to have on hand, because it deems them unworthy. And that's just no good for Draft Day. Also, they ignore or miss a chunk of minor league players that the Green Book didn't.


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