Sunday, January 01, 2006

Rockin' Eve 

So what did everybody think about Dick Clark?

I went to Technorati this morning, assuming everyone with a blog would have something to say about him. Sure enough, he's the most-searched-for term in the last 24 hours.

Public opinion seemed to lean toward "That was a little sad." One person wrote, "I felt really weird watching him struggle to speak. It was like greeting the new year with mortality staring me in the face."

When I first saw him, my first thought was that some people would find him to be a buzzkill. And yeah, it was a little disturbing. But it's pretty obvious that he spent a full year working to appear on that program again. Since he produces the show, it was certainly his decision to go on -- not ABC's. So in that light, it was rather inspiring. I guess you could view it as a tad selfish or even egotistical to go on when it might not have been the best programming choice. At the very least, it was risky. But I think if we'd seen any of what he had to go through to get back to this point, it would have put the whole thing into perspective.

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