Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Post-Alito-confirmation reaction: Fun with Idiots! 

Howzabout a quick response to what's being said by the wacky right?

Orrin Hatch:

"The Republican nominees have been treated in a despicable fashion."
Ha! Way to solidify the Republicans' reputation as being utter crybabies, who can dish out plenty of trash, but can't take anything. I'm reminded of Bill Frist's bizarre tirade against Harry Reid after the Dems' "closed session" a few months ago, in which he practically broke down and cried about "betrayal." After he'd already done far worse to the opposition leader a few months earlier. They act as if they're the minority party, under the thumb of some great oppressor.

Michelle "Coulter, Jr." Malkin:

"[The confirmation process] was an unnecessarily long, hard road."
Golly, I'm so sorry that the standard safeguards and procedures of our Democracy tire you out. Perhaps you and your Lord and Savior, George Bush, can work together to finally make his oft-repeated daydream of being dictator a reality. That'd solve both your problems with our nuisance of a political system.

RedState.org opines:

"There is still a problem with 42 Senators voting no against a well-qualified and ethical judge..."
So a vote against Alito is "a problem." That's an awfully scary comment. While I opposed the far left's support for a filibuster, a Senator's vote is their vote. If it's so gosh darn outrageous, I'm sure they'll be voted out of office. The Dems' concerns were more than reasonable. More importantly, were the fortunes of the parties reversed, you could safely bet everything you have that the GOP would behave in the same "obstructionist" way. And they will, as soon as they get the chance. To pretend otherwise in our current political environment is laughable.

But nothing beats the yuksters over at Powerline for a constant stream of lowbrow, "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" political analysis:
"The vote changes the "rules" for confirming Supreme Court Justices. Under the Alito rule, Senators will vote against highly qualified nominee for no reason other than that they expect the nominee to rule contrary to their preference on major issues; ...In any case, the important thing is to have one set of confirmation rules that applies to both parties. Thanks to the Dems, we now have a new set." (emphasis added)
In other words: "Ha ha! You started it! Now we can do the exact same thing (which we would have done anyway) and you can't complain because you were the unlucky ones that had to do it first!" Gosh. That's some impressive thunkin'.

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