Sunday, January 22, 2006

LiveBlogging the game....even though I'm sure no Steeler fans are LiveReading it! 

...because I'm at work, and too nervous to just sit and watch.

3:19: Good thing the officials didn't have their heads up their asses on Parker's fumble. Clearly caused by the ground, but this postseason, the officials are clearly on drugs.

3:28: Jeff Reed is the man. 3-0.

3:35: Woooo! Plummer is imploded, fumbles, and I'm running around the halls of work like a lunatic!

3:42: What a pump fake and throw by Ben and super footwork by Cedric Wilson!! Holy shit!! 10-0....I was on the phone with Jason during the TD....he's at a Steeler bar in NYC and it got so loud, we had to hang up. Of course I think most of the noise was coming from Jason yelling directly into the phone.

4:12: Two more clutch catches by Cedric. It's like they planned to save him for the postseason all year long. And Ben...so damn poised. It's like they're a different team on third downs the last month or so....

4:18: I'm getting veklempt watching Jerome scream "Touchdown!" after he muscled his way in....17-3.....no letup now....wow....


4:27: 24-3, and I think I'm going to soil myself.

4:56: Beautiful punt coverage after killing 6 minutes on that drive. They can do no wrong thus far.

5:05: Oooooh, mama! Chidi Iwouma with a "Greatest"! Ahh...never mind. Overruled.

5:19: Unsettled after the long Denver touchdown... but Ben came right back out with a first down pass...nice call.

5:47: 10 point lead now.... it's hard to have the memories we have, and not still be scared....


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