Thursday, January 19, 2006

Like the beat, beat, beat of the Tom Tom 

When I got my digital camera last January, I referred to it as a sexy little bastard, which amused some readers. And by "some readers," I mean Messiah.

So what to call my unnecessarily expensive gadget purchase for 2006 -- the TomTom portable GPS?

That's right, I bit the bullet and ordered one, after yearning for quite some time. I was thinking about getting an IPod, until I realized I hardly ever listen to music on the go. This bad boy will help me on a daily basis. Plus, it seemed like the perfect time to get it, because:

a) I am taking a road trip next week into areas I'm completely unfamiliar with
b) I will now fiddle with it for three straight days, thus making the time between now and Sunday's Steeler game go much faster

According to the handy FedEx online tracking information on the internet, it should be delivered late this afternoon.

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