Monday, January 16, 2006

I need to invest in a defibrillator... 

..after yesterday's Steeler game. An unbelievable "instant classic" if there ever was one. And now, here we are again -- preparing to watch AFC Championship #6 under Bill Cowher.

I was good at not getting my hopes up at all in the early rounds this year. The odds were steep, and the talented teams were plentiful. Until that kick sailed wide, I was fine. But now it's a different animal. True, this year at least a loss would not constitute a choke. The pressure's on the other guys. Will that make it any less nervewracking? Maybe. But probably not. No matter how steep the odds, or how they got there, it's hard to envision not being very disappointed with a Steeler loss in the AFC Championship. They're so damn close. Again.

I'm trying to keep the sheer improbability of completing this "road trip of dreams" in mind, in order to temper my growing excitement. Also, even though it's all about a Super Bowl, I am remembering to "enjoy the ride." I could be an Arizona Cardinals fan, after all! But despite my best efforts, daydreams of The Bus hoisting that Lombardi trophy in his hometown just keep creeping in.

Arrrghh.... is it Sunday yet??

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