Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bush's "State of the Union" 

Didn't watch it, because it's completely and utterly meaningless. Devoid of substance, full of lip service. Forgotten about in two days, every year like clockwork. (Remember the year he tried to distract us from his failures by talking about Mars? That was a real winner!)

The consensus "big thing" to come out of tonight's speech is the same political sleight-of-hand bullshit he's been feeding us for half a decade now: that we're too dependent on foreign oil. Except he used the word "addicted" this time. Oooooh, exciting. He must just laugh inside at people who believe he gives a shit. Practically speaking, people buying less oil is the last thing he wants. If we didn't buy oil, he'd have no political allies and no personal wealth. Ask his pals at Exxon, who are doing very well these days.

So now, I present my no-frills response to this "important" part of the speech:

Hey, asshole: You're either with the terrorists and their backers or you're not. Mandate 40 MPG for cars as a matter of national security, and prove to us that this isn't the Corporate States of America, or get the fuck off all my TV channels.

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