Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Sports News and Notes 

* I picked Tampa Bay over Detroit this week in Survival Football. Their wins have been against Minnesota, Buffalo and Green Bay -- not exactly the NFL elite. And Detroit, having played only 2 games, is a little less of a known quantity. But I think the Bucs will take care of business on their home field.

* The Post-Gazette reports today that Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy will authorize an increase in payroll to the "upper 40's range" in 2006. Of course, he authorized $40M in 2005, and they only spent $35M. They need to use that extra money to add at least one serious and reliable bat. Not the usual Pirates-caliber guy -- the kind with "upside." A guy who produces. Now.

* Speaking of the Pirates, the final game of the season today is meaningless -- unless (I just noticed) they don't want the stigma of finishing with the worst record in the National League. The Bucs and Colorado are tied entering today's action at 66-95.

* My fantasy baseball league pennant chase has come down to the final day for the second consecutive year. Unfortunately, like the Pirates, the only chase I'm involved in this time around is the pursuit of dead last. I enter the day in 11th, a half point ahead of the last-place team. Onward and upward to 2006.

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