Thursday, January 13, 2005

You can skip this post if "BDBML" means nothing to you 

My sponsorship of the Archi page over at baseball-reference.com inspired Nick over at McClendon's Folly to sponsor the man he named his blog after.

Nick is also in my Rotisserie league, which makes me think each member of the league should -- for no particular reason -- sponsor his or her most beloved player.

There were three extremely prominent scrubs/mascots that I can remember from the league's early days. Two were Archi and Lloyd. Ruben Amaro was the third, and his page is available!

There were other players who were owners' favorites and were actually good at baseball. Of course, these players are more likely to have people who like them and want to sponsor their page. Lenny Dykstra -- Gobo's fave -- is taken through December. But John Kruk's (or, if you prefer, Kr-k) current sponsorship expires tomorrow. There are surely other nominees I am forgetting. Chime in, fellas.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to point out the appropriateness of myself and Nick sponsoring the two pages we did, since Archi and Lloyd are each other's #1 "Most Similar Player" on the site.

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