Thursday, January 06, 2005

Weekly Top 40? 

Right-wingers have been chuckling over this list of 2004's Outrageous (non-conservative) Quotes. A few are well-deserved. A few are out of context. But I gotta say, a number of them are just plain sorry choices. A list of outrageous quotes from the right wouldn't have a weak link in the chain. And it could be a top 500. Maybe this year I'll keep track, so I can rebut them in December. Heck, here are a couple potentials I found just in the past hour!

Ann Coulter says "Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole." Classy as always, Ann!

Then there's Michael Wiener -- oops, I mean Michael Savage -- who says the tsunami isn't a tragedy, and that "you can make the argument" that God struck the victims down because they don't like Christians. He says we shouldn't give a nickel to them because they're radical Islamists.

And this is actually one of his tamer statements.

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