Friday, January 28, 2005

Revisionists blame Christie 

Remember when former NJ Governor and EPA chief Christie Whitman was a rising star in the Republican party? Seems like a mighty long time ago, eh?

Her book, which arrived in stores yesterday, has subjected her to a wave of insults on the web and talk radio. Mind you, she's still a Republican and believes in the party's core principles (at least, the pre-2000 core principles). But since she's not a morality-legislating ideologue, her only role in today's GOP is to be toted out with Rudy Guiliani and other moderates at election time to be the phony face of the party.

The goofiest thing about this is that the mudslinging morons are trying to convince themselves that it's Whitman who's moved left, rather than the party moving to the right. She's become a liberal. She's a bitter traitor. Righhhht. Hate to tell these folks: she's the same person she was in 1993.

Basically, you can be a moderate Republican -- but the second you open your mouth, you're public enemy #1.

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