Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Mets PR nightmare! Bush would be proud 

Perhaps the New York Mets won't have to wait until next year to regret signing ex-Pirate Kris Benson to a huge contract.

His wife, the very hot model Anna Benson -- known for her frank talk about the couple's sex life -- said on Howard Stern that if Kris ever cheats on her, she'll have sex with every one of his Mets teammates. She added that they have sex everywhere, but have not yet christened Shea Stadium.

Oh yeah, and several Stern callers from Texas said today that Anna -- who at 17 was a pregnant stripper -- spent half an interview with a Dallas radio host praising President Bush and disparaging "liberals." Just the poster girl Karl Rove is always looking for!

Another tidbit from Stern's website: Anna told Howard that the couple has probably 30 tapes of them having sex, but that they're well-hidden. So, yeah, expect to see those as soon as one of them pisses the other one off.

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