Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm speechless (almost) 

The right-wing echo chamber was giddy recently when a Philly NPR reporter got fired for leaving a nasty message on a conservative group's answering machine. The lack of mainstream coverage of this happening was put forth as that darn liberal media covering up major news again.

So how the hell do you explain that even less mainstream coverage was given to the President of the Catholic League spewing horrendous anti-semitic remarks on a major cable network (MSNBC)? Unless I really missed it. There are virtually no hits on Google other than a few blogs. I didn't even know about it until right now, when I watched a Daily Show from a few days ago. The best link I can provide, sadly, is this op-ed piece on WorldNet Daily, by the Rabbi who was on the program with said a-hole.

So to clarify: when some idiot no-name reporter -- off the job -- leaves an insulting phone message, that ought to be front page news. But when a major American religious leader goes on national television and accuses Jews of all sorts of hateful things, that's unimportant.

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