Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Just watched Brokaw's last show and enjoyed his farewell remarks. I thought that his comment about making mistakes and correcting them as quickly as possible might have been a bit of a dig on CBS, which was pretty amusing. And I liked the line about all of us being "in this together."

Brokaw has a reputation as a genuinely honest and decent fellow, and he's always been my favorite of the Big Three by far. I never liked Rather, except for the humor value in those bizarre sayings he'd pull out on big news nights. And Jennings has always seemed a bit arrogant.

So with Brokaw out and Rather going, will it be the end of network nightly news, as many predict? Nah. Not even close...yet. Don't believe the hype. But it'll still be interesting to see if Williams can hold on to the slight ratings lead he's inherited.

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