Saturday, December 11, 2004

Captain's Log: Vegas as usual 

I won $235 playing blackjack with a dealer named Pita. However, unable to locate any other dealers named after middle eastern foods, I lost $100 of it back to a real chatty dealer at Bally's named Tim. He had an extremely irritating habit of saying "Oops" every time someone busted. Wanted to throttle him.

The rodeo's in town (it's on ESPN, if you're actually interested), so the whole place is overrun with cowboys. Everyone's very nice and it lends quite a different feel to the city. Many more "yee-haw" type sounds coming from tables where people are winning. It's making the tables more fun than usual, I think.

Gotta figure out where to watch the Steelers tomorrow. Thank goodness they're playing the Jets and they're the late game, so it'll be on here at 1 instead of 10 a.m.!

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