Monday, December 13, 2004

Captain's Log: LLOYD!! (And maybe Gary Coleman) 

Two more celebrity sightings. One was a definite; the other I am pretty sure about but can't confirm personally.

The one that's not in dispute: Pirates Manager Lloyd McClendon was sitting in first class on our flight home!

The other: The Girlfriend says that Gary Coleman walked by us in LAX yesterday. I turned around but could only see the back of someone who looked like Gary Coleman, walking with a limo driver or security type person. But a group of high schoolers standing next to us seemed to independently come to the same conclusion.

Oh, and I heard -- after the fact -- that Mike Tyson was arrested or something the night before we saw him. I haven't been paying much attention to news, though, so I'll have to see what that was all about.

Anyway, the rest of the trip was fun. Watched the Steeler game at an Outback Steakhouse on the way back to LA. We're lucky it was the nationally televised CBS game, because the place didn't have NFL Sunday Ticket. And I have no faith that they would've been able to figure out how to get it on their satellite, because when I walked in and asked if they'd be showing the Steelers-Jets game, the woman behind the bar said "I'm not sure. That's football, right?"

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