Monday, December 06, 2004

America (The Book) gets respect 

The Daily Show's America: The Book is Publishers Weekly's Book of the Year. PW calls the mock textbook a "serious critique of the two-party system, the corporations that finance it, and the 'spineless cowards in the press' who agressively print allegation and rumor independent of accuracy and fairness.'"

I must agree. It's fantastic. Probably the funniest book I've ever read, yet it also successfully conveys both Jon Stewart's love of country and the serious criticisms mentioned above.

Perhaps because he will lampoon both sides, or the fact that he focuses on obvious flaws that are destroying the country rather than typical partisan conspiracy theories, his messages come across more convincingly than most. At the same time, conservatives ought not be deterred: most of the jokes in the book aren't political at all -- just good clean (well, maybe not clean) fun.

It's very good to see the book getting some respect. It's had an amazing run at the top of the bestseller lists given how little media attention it's garnered. It's been #1 on Amazon at least since the first week in October. I believe -- based on my regular but nonscientific monitoring of the Top 100 -- that's longer than any book this year, including Clinton and the Swift Boat Schmucks.

In all, it's a great read and an excellent "Moment of Zen."

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