Thursday, October 07, 2004


I just had a brief sit-down with Howard Dean. The good doctor was in town to debate scary Christian Coalition guy Ralph Reed at Pitt, and stopped off to fire up the troops at a Kerry-Edwards rally at a local brewhouse.

Not surprisingly, the media access to "Dean-the-Kerry-surrogate" is mighty different than it must have been for "Dean-the-frontrunner." Still, I was sort of expecting to have to suck up to the PR people to get a minute with him before his remarks. But when I asked, the local Kerry person said, "He's actually here already, out on the terrace, and says you can come on out." So I asked him questions one-on-one while he was eating a sandwich.

He was pretty much the same as he's been described -- perfectly cordial, but very businesslike and not overly friendly. He's also obviously going to save his energy for the crowd and for national talking head shows, rather than a local station. (He'll be on "Hardball" from here tonight, he told me).

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