Monday, October 18, 2004


When it comes to the election, I am officially ready for the headlines to read: "Still Tied; We Don't Have A Clue."

According to the particular report you're reading, every single ethnic group, religious group, state, type of weather, etc. "could hold the key" to either a Kerry or Bush victory. In this article, it's Hispanics who could control the outcome. Yesterday I saw a story about how, because 15% of younger people only have cell phones, they can't be included in the polls, and therefore "could be the wild card." If it's not a group, it's the turnout...or whose registration drives worked....or Iowa, or New Hampshire, or Colorado, in addition to the Big Three battleground states. In other words: "we have absolutely no idea, but we have to keep talking."

The factor that's still getting far too little attention is the electronic voting. The other day the system crashed in one Florida county -- and, as inconceivable and indefensible as it remains to me, there's still no paper trail. I predict a huge mess. Better hope your side has good hackers. And as for Florida -- well, only one side will be allowed to win a disputed election there.

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