Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Is it over yet? 

Looks like another nasty case of voter fraud, as college students have had their party affiliations and polling places switched when signing political petitions. They were changed to (surprise!) the Republican party, though that won't matter for general election purposes. What will matter is that many of the out-of-town students had their polling place changed to their hometown. Since the absentee deadline has passed, they've effectively been disenfranchised. Now there's no indication yet of just how widespread this is, but it's still another example of the mess we're in.

Despite established links between Republicans and scams like this in Florida, Oregon, and elsewhere, a local Republican spokesperson suggested (surprise again!) this might be part of some sort of Democratic plot to discredit the RNC! Of course no one actually believes that, because the Democrats aren't politically shrewd enough to pull something like that off! And besides, in a race this close I don't think either side's going to disenfranchise its own voters to pin it on the other side. That's a risky little game to play.

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