Friday, October 01, 2004

Day after debate....and belated quiz 

I would've posted something about the debate last night, but this is a busy weekend -- one of my best friends is getting married!

I did watch it (or at least the first hour, and then my attention drifted) and I certainly agree with the consensus that Kerry won. He was concise -- who knew he could be?! -- and he got crucial messages across. Kerry was crystal clear that:

a) he, just like Bush, loves his country
b) he's not going to abandon Iraq now that we're stuck there
c) he believes Saddam was evil but the cost to remove him at that time may not have been worth it because we should've put the money toward Al Qaeda
d) he wants the terrorists dead

These all seem obvious enough. But to people who buy into the liberals-will-bend-over-for-the-terrorists silliness, it doesn't hurt to drive these points home. As Dave H. points out in a comment, he could've done a better job of arguing Bush's point of view than Bush. Heck, anyone who's followed the campaign on either side of the spectrum could probably have done better. And hopefully that will bother some people! But who knows what impact it'll have. At minimum, Kerry avoided what could easily have been a self-inflicted knockout punch. At best, he swayed plenty of undecideds who were basing their opinion of him on the SBVT ads or on Bush's negative ads, rather than Kerry's actual positions.

Now on to the quiz. Wait, I haven't taken it yet. Ok, now I have. Tis a 6.

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