Thursday, October 28, 2004

And so it begins? 

Well, well. There's this new Al Qaeda tape which ABC got a hold of. ABC gave it to the government to authenticate it. The government has not yet authenticated it, but the good public servants in the Bush Administration were thoughtful enough to leak the tape to Drudge and FOX News, so that ABC would have to air it and Bush would get a bounce. Drudge, of course, is reporting that the tape has been authenticated. That's the great thing about being Drudge. You can be right 5 out of 100 times and be accountable to no one. Maybe he knows about the authentication ahead of time. But more likely, he's doing what he normally does -- make stuff up, and occasionally it's right. But remember, he is far more reliable than CBS News.

On a related note -- even though I've expressed this before -- I still can't wrap my brain around how people think about terror. When we were hit, Bush said "You need me to keep you safe." Then he's constantly telling us we're not safe. But we'll be safe if we vote for him. So when we're hit again, he'll say "This is why you need me to keep you safe." I mean, eventually people will figure out that these things will happen regardless of who's President, until we change our tactics. But given our track record of being a little slow on the uptake, it might be a while.

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