Saturday, September 18, 2004

Miss America picks 

I totally should have thought of this earlier in the week: predicting the outcome of the Miss America pageant.

In college I watched it with a bunch of people in our dorm and we'd wager on who'd reach the final 10, top 3, etc. It made for a pretty good game. Since I won't be watching with a group tonight (or at all if it's too boring!), anyone who reads this before showtime is welcome to make their picks. I realize that's not much time for people to notice this, especially on a Saturday.

Unfortunately, all that you have to go on before the show are the individual still photos on the pageant's website. This is quite a challenge and I do not stake my reputation as an excellent during-the-show prognosticator on these picks! Nevertheless, here are my flying-blind Top Ten selections: Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah.

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