Sunday, September 26, 2004

Lower than Lowry 

It must be super to be a pundit -- you're the final word, unaccountable for anything you say! Kind of like being President Bush.

Today's example: National Review editor Rich Lowry, who's one of these types who thinks we should've spent even more than 70-million dollars of your money on fruitless investigations of President Clinton.

Lowry on 9/21: "The Democrats have wasted a few weeks trying to erode Bush's reputation for honesty by picking away at his National Guard record. But no one cares much about 35-year-old events."

Lowry on 8/24: Penned an entire column on the intricacies of the Swift Boat ads and how damning they are, saying "Kerry refuses to admit that he burst onto the national scene by telling a shameful falsehood about American servicemen."

Uhh...also 35 years ago, no? Wow.

If you'd like to a read a non-lobotomized National Review writer, I recommend the magazine's online editor, Jonah Goldberg. He's intelligent, consistent, and fair -- or at least as fair as you can be while solidly maintaining your right-wing pundit status. He's not afraid to state the obvious, such as this week's column on the Iraq mess. He also gets mad bonus points points for his huge rift with Ann Coulter, after which he fired her from the National Review and, in a letter to readers, exposed her for the unstable fraud that she is.

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